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We are running the brilliant English UK/Trinity Cert IBET course for teachers of business English given by the international expert Mark Powell

from August 26 to September 2 in 2011.

Eight days of the richest workshops you can imagine lead with the greatest blend of imagination and creativity anyone can imagine!

The Cert IBET has full international recognition.

215 teachers from 26 countries have attended this course since 1999!

The feedback is always unanimously positive.

Here is an example…

A superbly planned and executed course! Kayleigh Garman

Write to us for more details.

or check directly with


My teacher training

I have worked with teachers in over 30 countries in the last 30 years. What a lucky man I am!

Practical ideas, methods, tecniques and materials have been my chief focus. Of course, you can’t do anything without a base of values and perceptions. For me this base, the ‘underlying rationale’ , must be offered through its manifestation in practical activities.

If you would like to employ me to work with your teachers then you need to know what I am interested in doing these days! The first thing is that I love work as a storyteller either to students or to teachers. I gave a storytelling at the OUP day in Serbia to 600 teachers before that to 200 teachers in Poland. Any numbers!

Length of time for each workshop should be discussed…normally 2 to 3 hours
Please contact me at andrew<at> if you would like to discuss things further. I have worked with every kind of learner from little children to business people…on the other hand that does not mean that I know everything so we should talk to make sure that I really can do something useful for you.

Workshops for teachers

Here are the workshops and talks I am happy to offer:

The latest workshop which I did in Nepal and enjoyed doing so much…please invite me to do it with YOUR teachers!

Helping YOU to write stories for the students…and for yourself.


  1. The craft of telling stories (helping the teacher and students to choose, prepare and tell stories and indeed to speak more engagingly and effectively. All ages and levels.)
  2. Responding to stories (Working through lots of ways of responding to stories which the students hear or read…basing this on a sample story. All ages and levels)
  3. Helping students to make stories (Trying out some techniques for helping the students to make stories orally and then going through other techniques. All ages and levels.)
  4. Helping students to write stories(Working through some of the main techniques for developing key aspects of good story writing eg plot, characterisation, etc. Particularly relevant for 14 years upwards)
  5. Helping students to write poetry(Trying out various techniques for helping students to write poetry. Relevant for most ages and levels.)
  6. Helping students to make books (Actually making and designing books so that you can then help the students to make and design books…wonderful for parents evenings and etc. Relevant for 5 to 15 yrs.)
  7. Helping students to make pop-up books (Actually making, designing, illustrating and writing…pop up books…so you can show the students how to do it. Absolutely wonderful for all children good and naughty…wonderful for parents evenings, etc.)
  8. Helping students to make shadow theatre (Highly motivating, involves all students from toddlers to teenagers. Inventing the story, making the images, recording on video the show. This workshop is designed for non-artist language teachers to convince them that they can do it. Breathtaking for parents evenings.)
  9. Being creative in the classroom(Going through lots of activities designed to show you that just below your survival surface is a seething mass of creativity waiting to breathe and to live. Activities for you but also for use with the students.)
  10. Using games (Games remain the basic family of activities for giving intense, meaningful and relevant experience of grammatical points, lexis or skills. In this session you will try a lot of games but more importantly try out a framework for adapting and creating games in the future. Relevant to all ages and levels)
  11. Grammar focus games and activities (This session concentrates on the use of games and other activities related to work on grammatical points. Particularly relevant to the lower levels.)
  12. Simple drawing and materials preparation (I have taught language teachers how to draw on the board and card, etc. for thirty years. It is a pleasure to help people to realise that they can draw much, much better than they ever thought possible. In passing some ways of using the drawings.)
  13. Using pictures (Lots of ideas for using free pictures eg magazine pictures, publicity pictures, calendars, postcards, and home made drawings. Relevant for all ages and levels)
  14. Art and craft in language teaching (Using art and craft activities in order to provide a focus for language development. Activities mainly for younger children but responding to art and craft is also highly relevant to adults.)
  15. Helping students to create an on-going community (An idea which costs nothing in money and very little time in teacher preparation…but is incredibly engaging and incredibly rich in its potential to make students USE their English in ways which matter to them. Absolutely applicable to all ages and all levels.)

Location for my workshops

I have worked in over 30 countries with teachers with numbers ranging from ten to one thousand. I have also worked with teachers who have come to me and to my institution in Hungary (Godollo which is at the end of the Budapes suburban line).


Expenses: basic expenses home and back to home.

Fees: Normally 500 euros for a six hour day and 200 euros for a non-work day away from home. BUT this is negotiable…partly depends on your resources.

Discuss with me what you might like to do.



In my institution we offer the Trinity Cert IBET which is an internationally recognised qualification. We employ Mark Powell to do this 8 day course. He is simply the best there is! With Mark we have had nearly 250 teachers from 23 countries in the last five years on this wonderful course.

Write to ask us for details!

Write to: Julia Dudas (my wife)

(For EU teachers it can effectively be free…apply through your country’s EU representative…but do so at last 4 months before the course dates.!)


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  1. 1 Nora July 6, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    How about online sessiones? Would love to set something up for my class of 30 teacher trainees in Mexico.

    • 2 Andrew Wright July 7, 2011 at 6:33 am

      Nora, thank you for your suggestion! Tell me more what you have in mind. I am leaving for a long tour on Monday…only back mid August. Andrew

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