Andrew Wright

Is this story true?  People say it is.  What do you think?

My friend’s uncle lived in London.  One evening he went to his friend’s house.  He stayed there until about 11.0 pm and then drove home.  It was raining, cold and windy.  Suddenly, he saw a woman at a bus stop. She was wet and cold.   My friend’s uncle stopped and asked her to get in the car.  He was worried about her because in London, at that time, there was a murderer who killed women at bus stops. She got in the car and my friend’s uncle saw that she was a big strong woman.  Then he saw that she had big, hairy hands!
He was really frightened then!   He didn’t know what to do.  Then he got a plan.
He said, “That car flashed its lights.  Perhaps my lights aren’t working! He stopped the car and asked the woman to get out and have a look at the back lights.  She agreed and got out of the car.
My friend’s uncle immediately locked the door and drove off as fast as he could.   He got to a police station and then he saw the woman’s handbag was still in the car.  He took the bag into the police station and told his story. The police sergeant listened to his story and then opened the bag.  Then the police sergeant said, “You’re a lucky man, Sir!”   And he took a bloody axe out of the bag.


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