Andrew Wright

A man and his wife went shopping, for the day, in Manchester. They agreed to meet in a little café they both knew, at the end of the afternoon. The woman arrived first; she was tired. She got a coffee and a Kit Kat bar of chocolate. She had a lot of shopping bags so she put the chocolate in one of her bags and carried the bags and the coffee to a table.

She sat down opposite a man. He was reading a newspaper. He was a black man; she could see his hands. She was tired so she closed her eyes, for a moment. Then she drank some coffee and then she said, to herself, “Now for the Kit Kat!” Suddenly, this man’s right hand came slowly from the newspaper and slowly broke off a finger of the Kit Kat! (The chocolate was on a plate on the table) Then he ate it!

The woman was amazed! Then his hand came back again! He broke off another finger of chocolate and ate it! So the woman took the chocolate and ate the third piece!

Then the man’s hand came again and looked for the chocolate. He couldn’t find the chocolate so he looked over his newspaper and saw her outraged face. He said, “Madam?”

She said, “People in this country don’t do that sort of thing, you know!”

He said, “I’m very sorry!” And he stood up and left the cafe.

The woman’s husband came and said, “Why are you so angry?”

She said, “One of these black people ate my Kit Kat!”

“Really?” He said, “How many bars of Kit Kat did you buy?”

She said, “What a stupid question! I bought one bar of chocolate!”

He said, “But there’s one bar of Kit Kat in your shopping bag!

She had eaten the man’s chocolate!






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