Re-written by Andrew Wright (see below for source)

A puppy and his mother went for a walk. It was the night time and the moon was shining.
’I want to play with the moon!’ said the puppy.
’You can’t play with the moon. The moon is in the sky,’ said the mummy, ’So play by yourself and I will sit here and wait for you.’
So the little puppy ran about. But the little puppy was lonely. He wanted a friend.
Then the little puppy saw a big puddle. In the puddle was the moon.
’Oh, you are little. Are you the moon’s puppy?’ said the puppy. ‘Lets play together.’
But the reflection of the moon didn’t speak and didn’t move.
The puppy stepped into the puddle. The reflecton of the moon broke into little pieces. The puppy was sad. He waited. Slowly the puppy moon came together.
’Lets play!’ said the puppy.
But the puppy moon didn’t speak and didn’t move.
The puppy pushed his nose into the moon puppy and the moon puppy disappeared.
’Where are you?’ said the puppy. ’Ah! You are in the water. You are swimming. I will drink up all the water and then I can play with you.’
So the puppy drank up all the water. He drank and he drank and he drank. And he got fatter and he got fatter and he got fatter. But there was no puppy moon.
The puppy’s mummy came. ’What are you doing?’
‘I want to play with the puppy moon but it has gone. I think I have swallowed it. I feel ill.’

There are quite a few stories about people or animals thinking reflections are the real thing. I supposes the most famous is the Greek myth about Narcissus.
I saw ’Sandy and the Moon’ in the collection by Enid Blyton, re-told it to children in my own way and now I have re-written it.
Blyton, E. (1933) Five Minute Tales. Dean Methuen.


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