An original story written by Andrew Wright

Paul and his mom and dad went to Scotland for their holiday.  Paul wanted to go to Loch Ness.  He wanted to see the monster, Nessy.
His dad said, ‘There isn’t a monster!  It’s just a story!’
But Paul’s mom and dad agreed to go to Lock Ness on the last day of their holiday.

Paul’s mom and dad stayed in the car in the car park.  They slept, and listened to the radio and ate a picnic.

Paul walked along the shore of Loch Ness.  He looked across the smooth water.  He wanted, he really, really wanted to see Nessy.  Just her head!  That would be enough!

Paul came to some big rocks on the shore.  He stopped.  He looked and suddenly he saw one very round, very green rock!  It was round, smooth and green!  It was an egg not a rock!

Paul looked at the egg!  It was moving!  It was moving!

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!  Suddenly the egg broke into two pieces! And there, inside the egg, was a little monster!

Paul cried out! ‘Ohhh!’

The little monster saw Paul.  The little monster thought, ‘Oh, that is my dad!’

Paul was frightened…he walked away…then he ran away…he ran back to him mom and dad in the car.

Poor little Nessy!  She came out of her egg.  She saw her dad and then her dad ran away!  What a start to her life!

So little Nessy ran after Paul, her dad.

Paul got to the car.  Little Nessy ran behind.  Paul stopped and little Nessy stopped and she snuggled against Paul’s leg.  Paul was her dad.
‘What’s that thing?’ shouted Paul’s dad.

‘I don’t know, dad!  It came out of an egg!’

‘Quick!  Quick!  Get into the car!  Lets go!’

So the family got into the car and drove away.  Poor little Nessy!  Her dad was driving away!  First her dad ran away then he drove away! So little Nessy began to run down the road after the car and after her dad.

Paul looked out of the back window of the car.  ‘Mom!  Dad!  She’s coming!  She’s coming!  Please stop!  Stop!’

So Paul’s dad stopped the car.  Paul got out of the car.  Little Nessy was very, very tired.  At last she came to Paul and she snuggled against his leg.  Paul picked her up and carried her into the car.  And little Nessy fell asleep in her dad’s arms.

Paul’s dad drove all the way home to York, in England. It was a long way.  They arrived in the middle of the  night.  Little Nessy was asleep. Paul took her up to his room and he put her on the carpet.  Little Nessy slept and slept.  She was only a baby.

Paul’s father said, ‘Alright.  You can keep her.  But don’t tell anybody! Don’t tell the other kids at school! Don’t tell the teachers!  Don’t tell the neighbours!’

Paul and little Nessy became good friends. They played together.  Nessy was very clever.  She could balance a ball on her nose. She was very clever at maths.  She could count.  Paul held up three fingers and little Nessy hit the floor three times with her tail.

Little Nessy became bigger and stronger!  She carried Paul around the house!  She became bigger and stronger and heavier!  She jumped on the bedroom floor and the ceiling below bounced up and down.

Paul’s mom and dad were worried, ‘What are we going to do?  Nessy is getting bigger and heavier.  She is eating more and more food!’

One day little Nessy came downstairs to have her breakfast.  Then, she was too big and too fat to go upstairs after breakfast.  She was not a little Nessy now!

Paul’s dad put his car in the street.  Paul put Nessy into the garage.  She ate more and more and more and more. She got bigger and fatter and heavier and hungrier.

‘We can’t feed her.  We haven’t got enough food.  We haven’t got enough money!  What are we going to do?’

That night Nessy broke out of the garage.  She was hungry, very hungry. She looked for food.  She went to the football field and she ate the goalposts. Paul heard the garage door, breaking.  He jumped out of bed, put on his coat and ran after Nessy.  He found her in the football field eating the goalposts. ‘Come home Nessy!  Come home! I will give you all the food we have got!  Come quickly the police must not see you!’ And he beat her and slapped her, ‘Come on Nessy! Come on!’  and she went home and went back into the garage.  Paul took all the food in the house and cooked it and gave it to Nessy.  She went to sleep.

Next morning there was no food for breakfast.

Nessy got hungrier and hungrier and hungrier.

The next night she broke out of the garage.  She looked for food and she went to the chocolate factory.  She pushed her head through a window and she bit into the main chocolate pipe in the factory.  All the chocolate in the factory went into her mouth, down her throat and filled up her stomach. All the workers in the factory fainted except for one worker who phoned the police!

Paul heard the garage door, breaking.  He jumped out of bed, put on his coat and ran after Nessy.  He found her outside the chocolate factory. Her head was through the window!  And he beat her and slapped her, ‘Come on Nessy!  Come on!’ and she went home and went back into the garage.

A policeman came to the factory.  He looked at the holes in the road.  A big animal!  He followed the holes in the road to Paul’s house.  He knocked on the door. Paul’s dad opened the door.  ‘Have you got a big animal in this house?’ asked the policeman.

‘Perhaps yes and perhaps no!’ said Paul’s dad.  Then Paul’s dad shut the door and he looked through the letter box and he said to the policeman, ‘Go away!  It’s not your business!’

The next day the Lord Mayor came.  He said, ‘You have got a dangerous animal in this house.  Take it away!’

Paul’s dad shut the door and he looked through the letter box and he said to the Lord Mayor, ‘Go away!  It’s not your business!’

Then some scientists came and Paul let them into the garage to see Nessy.  She was very hungry.  The scientists gave her a food pill.  She was happy.

‘You can’t keep her!’ they said. ‘She is going to grow bigger and bigger and bigger!’

Then the television people came and then tourists came and then the Lord Mayor thought, ‘Oh, now York is famous!   All these people are coming to York to see the monster.  I must keep the monster in York.’ So he went to Paul’s mom and dad.

‘You can keep the monster in York.  We will keep her in a special swimming pool.  You can visit her once a day.’

Paul’s father shut the door and said through the letter box, ‘Go away!

We are going to take her back home to Scotland!’

A very big lorry came.  Paul was very sad but he said,  ‘Nessy! Climb on the lorry!’  And Nessy climbed on the lorry. Then the police came and the army came and the firemen came and the RSPCA came and the Lord Mayor came and the television people came. And the lorry started, slowly, to drive from York to Loch Ness, in Scotland.
At last they came to Scotland.  They were near to Loch Ness. 

Suddenly Nessy heard a noise!  What was it?  It was Nessy’s mum!  Nessy got off the lorry, Paul quickly sat on her back.  Then Nessy ran across the fields to Loch Ness and to her mom. She met her mom.  She met her mom for the first time.  They were very happy!  Then they went down to the water. They went into the water.

Paul was on Nessy’s back!  Paul’s mom and dad drove down to Loch Ness.  Paul’s mom jumped out of the car and she ran down to the water.

‘Paul!  Come back!  You can’t swim!’

Nessy stopped.  She looked at Paul’s mom and then she took Paul and she put him on the shore next to his mom.  Then Nessy swam back to her mom.  Then Nessy and her mom slowly dived under the water.  The waves washed on shore. ‘Wash!  Wash!’ then, ‘Lap! Lap! Lap!’

Nessy and her mom disappeared under the water.

Paul and his mom watched them.  They saw the waves and then the little waves and then the flat, smooth water.

‘Mom! Can we come back again to see her!’

‘Of course, we can.  We will come back again next year in the holidays.’

And, at last, they turned around and got in the car and drove home to York.

I wrote the first version of this story for West German Television (WDR) many years ago.  I did 108 pictures to go with the story. It was shown many times.  The WDR told me that 6 million children had watched the story.

Then it was published as a book by EJ Arnold.

During my storytelling tours I told the story hundreds of times.  The text above is more a less a transcription of my oral storytelling than a written story.

Of course there have been many imaginative stories about Nessy in Loch Ness.  The idea for my story came from imagining what would happen if a large monster arrived in the city where I was living.  I was living in York at that time.
The idea of ‘what if’ is a very common way for someone to think of a story.

I hope you like it.


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  1. 1 Barbi March 31, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Hello. I am Barbi. You know, I live in Hungary. I like riding a horse. Do you know who I am? 🙂
    I read this story about Nessie and I think it was very good.


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