An Aesop fable re-told by Andrew Wright

’Cock a doodle do!’
A rooster sat on a branch at the top of a tall tree, near the farm.  The rooster saw a fox;  it was coming from the forest.
The fox heard the rooster.  He stopped and looked up at the fat rooster.

’Hello rooster!  Come down and let’s talk.  I want to tell you something. It’s really great!’
The rooster looked down.  ’What is it?’ he asked.
’It’s wonderful news!  All the animals and all the birds have agreed to live in peace.  Mice can be friends with cats.  Birds can be friends with foxes.  Frogs can be friends with storks.  So come down and let’s be friends.’
’Alright.’ said the rooster. ’Oh, wait a minute. Did you hear that noise?’
’What noise?’
’Dogs barking.’
’Dogs barking?’
’Yes.  Oh, wait a minute, I can see them.  Twenty dogs are coming.’
’Help!’ cried the fox. ’I must go!’
’Don’t go fox.  The dogs want to talk to you.  We can have a party.  The dogs will love you.’
’BBBBBut the dogs may not know the wonderful news!’  And the fox ran away as fast he could.
’Fox come back!  Let’s have peace with you!’ cock a doodle doed, the rooster.
’No! The dogs don’t want peace with me they want a piece of me!’ shouted the fox.

Lots to do in the classroom!
Drama!  Act the whole thing out.
More examples of the sentence: Mice can be friends with cats.
Ten examples of one animal lying to another animal to get something.


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