Stop press news!

A clear blue sky and sunny day in my little town just to the East of Budapest!

In recent days Dennis and I have added quite a few more stories.

Click on Stories and then have a look under Teaching Stories.

Also have a look under Fiction…we have put in my first fiction story on the site, Harold and Huwi. Harold and Huwi was first broadcast on West German Televison (WDR). However, the text given here is a transciption of the way I tell the story to children…this is not literary written text!

I feel very proud of the teaching stories! I hope you don’t mind my saying so! They are a significant re-write of Aesops fables and are very, very much written down versions of oral telling to childen with little English…everyday phrases, a lot of repetition and a huge invitation to act them out and to mime meaning.

I do hope you like them. Tell me if you do. Dennis and I need a pat on the back.


PS I send my stories to Dennis in WORD and he puts them into NOTEPAD and then puts them on the site and then I edit them. Dennis is better at these things than me…in another league!


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